Thursday, 21 November 2013

To celebrate IPC 2013, a Cuban agroecology article (#journal)

Agroecology and the Development of Indicators of Food Sovereignty in Cuban Food Systems

The recent volatility of food crop prices and the rising cost of inputs—fossil fuels, fertilizers, and pesticides—have made it nearly impossible for many of the world's smallholder farmers to continue managing their agroecosystems, leaving their countries dependent on ever more costly food imports. Thanks to its mass organizations and popular participation in national policy, Cuba is one of the few countries with the capacity to implement food sovereignty, which could help it minimize the threats posed by food price fluctuation, extreme climatic events and the persistent U.S. hostility towards its national project. Guided by the principles of agroecology, Cuban researchers are developing indicators of food sovereignty for practical use at the smallholder farm level.

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