Thursday, 21 November 2013

GMOs vs. agricultural biodiversity (#journal)

Feeding the world: genetically modified crops versus agricultural biodiversity

The growing demand for food poses major challenges to humankind. Agricultural sustainability is no longer optional but mandatory. There is still an on-going debate among researchers and in the media on the best strategy. One strategy favors the use of genetically modified (GM) crops, while another strategy focuses on agricultural biodiversity.  The claim that genetically modified crops are necessary if we are to secure food production within the next decades has no scientific support, but is rather a reflection of corporate interests. However, there is a shortage of research funds for agrobiodiversity solutions in comparison with funding for research in genetic modification of crops. Favoring biodiversity does not exclude any future biotechnological contributions, but favoring biotechnology threatens future biodiversity resources. An objective review of current knowledge places GM crops far down the list of potential solutions in the coming decades.

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