Thursday, 21 November 2013

Composting biochar improves its effects (#journal)

Positive effects of composted biochar on plant growth and soil fertility

It is claimed that biochar addition to soil improves C sequestration to prevent CO2 from atmospheric cycling. Biochar addition should also increase soil fertility in a similar way as anthropogenic dark earths of Central Amazonia. Previous studies have shown that biochar stimulates plant growth, especially when biochar is combined with organic fertilizers such as compost. However, little is known about optimum addition amounts and mixture ratios of biochar and compost.This study considered optimum biochar and compost amounts and mixture ratios with respect to plant response and soil fertility. Results show that biomass production was increased with rising biochar and compost amounts. The positive influence of composted biochar on plant growth and soil properties suggests that composting is a good way to overcome biochar’s inherent nutrient deficiency, making it a suitable technique helping to refine farm-scale nutrient cycles.

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