Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Agronomy with global impact (#journal)

 Global agronomy, a new field of research. A review

Agriculture management is influencing the quality of water, air, soil, and biodiversity at the global scale. Therefore, a research plan for global agronomy is proposed. Agronomists should update their research objects, methods, and tools to address global issues. Yield trends and variations among various regions should be analyzed to understand the sources of these variations. Crop model simulations should be upscaled to estimate potential yields and to assess the effect of climate change and resource scarcity at the global scale. Advanced methods should analyze output uncertainty of complex models used at a global scale. The meta-analysis of published data is a promising approach for addressing global issues, though meta-analysis must be applied carefully with appropriate techniques. Finally, global datasets on the performance and environmental impact of cropping systems should be developed.

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