Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Permaculture's dogma problem (online)

Permaculture's Dogma Problem

Not only does Rafter Sass Ferguson have a neat beard, he also has some serious smarts...and he's not afraid to say it like he sees it. This blog post of his opens up some big issues for permaculture researchers, and the permaculture community in general.

Not too long ago, two of our most internationally renowned permaculture teachers/consultants had some vigorous disagreement on social media. Hordes of commenters weighed in on either or neither side. The explicit topic of the disagreement was the value of contour ditches  – known in permaculture as ‘swales’ – for managing water in the landscape.... I was struck most by what wasn’t discussed. The unspoken limits of the discussion highlighted how much permaculture has to learn from agroecology – in particular, how to learn like agroecology. This debate over water harvesting serves as a window onto issues that run through the whole of permaculture. Read the rest

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