Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Permaculture in business management (journal)

Sustainable management models: innovating through permaculture

Exploring the ways in which innovation can serve to create better and more integrated social, environmental, and economic enterprises is a key challenge.

How firms innovate and change depends strongly on their management models. permaculture concepts and principles could help the transition toward more sustainability.

This paper seeks to understand how management models could rely on permaculture principles to facilitate innovations and changes toward sustainability. Innovative management models built on the permaculture concepts, are a potential alternative to western “traditional” management models. They would give preference to long-term objectives, intrinsic motivation, emergent coordination, and collective wisdom in decision making.


  1. How do I get to read this paper ? Am I just being stupid in not finding a link to it somewhere ?

  2. Hi Graham, click the orange article title in the post above to access the abstract. But unless you already have subscription access through a university or are prepared to pay $20, you won't be able to read the full article. I'm afraid that's how academic publishing works.