Thursday, 11 December 2014

Global extent of urban agriculture (#journal)

Global assessment of urban and peri-urban agriculture: irrigated and rainfed croplands 

This study integrates global data on croplands and urban extents using spatial overlay analysis to estimate the global area of urban and peri-urban croplands. The global area of urban irrigated croplands was estimated at about 24 Mha (11.0 percent of all irrigated croplands). The global area of urban rainfed croplands found was approximately 44 Mha (4.7 percent of all rainfed croplands). This suggests urban agriculture is more important than previously estimated. Further analysis of croplands within 20 km of urban areas show that 60 and 35 percent of, respectively, all irrigated and rainfed croplands fall within this distance range. (I have no idea why this has all appeared in capital letters, sorry!)

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