Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Education through production (#journal)

Teaching the Youth and Adults through Education with Production: The Case Study of Tiger Kloof Educational Institution

Education plays a pivotal role in teaching people in society so that they can bring about changes in their own lives and that of their communities. The founders of Tiger Kloof Educational Institution over 100 years ago applied the principle of education with production in teaching their learners. When the school was re-opened in 1995 after its closure for over 25 years, academic and a few vocational subjects have been introduced as well as practical productive activities such as plumbing, carpentry, brick laying as well as the raising of vegetable gardens and rearing of cattle. The school is involved in a lot of practical and productive activities in generating funds and producing some of the food that is used to feed the students in the boarding house. The study found the practice viable and recommends if for adoption in other educational institutions across Africa.

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