Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Resilience and community action (book)

Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation 

A unique collection bridging research, theory and practical action to create more resilient societies. It includes accounts from people and organisations at the front line of efforts to build community resilience, cutting edge theory and analysis from engaged scholar-activists, and commentary from sympathetic researchers. Its content ranges from first hand accounts of the Transition Movement in the UK, Canada and Spain, theoretical reflections on resilience theory from Transition Network, challenges to accepted ideas of resilience in politics and sustainability, the shifts in mindsets and perspectives required for transition, and post-colonial perspectives on Transition. The book is the second in the Community-Led Transformations  series (following Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation in late 2015), an ongoing partnership between ECOLISE and Permanent Publications.

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