Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Introducing Naomi, new Digest contributor

Introducing Naomi van der Velden

You may have noticed a change of tone and depth in recent blog posts. This is because I have a new collaborator on The Digest, Dr. Naomi van der Velden. I am delighted to have her help and support in putting The Digest together. Naomi works half time for the Permaculture Association Britain and half time at Cumbria University as a Plant Ecologist. Judging by the number of readers her posts have received so far, Digest users like her more in-depth descriptions of research papers. Hopefully we can supply a good balance between her longer, academic-focused posts and my shorter, lighter ones. As ever, your feedback is most welcome.

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  1. Thanks, Chris!
    Hello everyone, it is nice to meet you all. Glad to see so many people reading the articles and resources we are sharing.

    There is so much interesting work going on out there it can be hard to decide what is most relevant, so your feedback on this is always well-received.

    Don't forget you can drop Chris a line to share something you find that you think others will enjoy too.

    Kind regards,