Friday, 22 January 2016

50 innovative solutions for the planet (book)

Two Percent Solutions for the Planet: 50 Low-Cost, Low-Tech, Nature-Based Practices for Combatting Hunger, Drought, and Climate Change

This book profiles fifty innovative practices that soak up carbon dioxide, reduce energy use, sustainably intensify food production, and increase water quality. The “two percent” refers to the amount of new carbon in the soil needed to reap great benefits, the percentage of the nation’s population who are farmers, and the GDP that is needed to get this work done. The book includes holistic grazing, edible forests, biochar, weed-eating livestock, food co-ops, keyline ploughing, restoration agriculture, bioenergy, aquaponics, animal power, Farm Hack, bees, bears, wildlife corridors, rainwater harvesting and native seeds. These short, engaging success stories will inspire readers energized by the news that solutions abound.

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