Monday, 29 June 2015

Eco-feminsit pedagogy and permaculture (#journal)

‘More Crucial’ Matters: Reclaiming ‘Sustainability’ and Transcending the Rhetoric of ‘Choice’ through Ecofeminist Pedagogy

This paper advances a theory for ecofeminist sustainability pedagogy. The need to adapt to a world of diminishing resources is central to ecofeminism, sustainability, and permaculture, and for this reason, the integration of principles drawn from these theoretical frameworks can serve as a powerful means of transforming what is taught in the classroom and beyond. Permaculture offers a conceptual map for moving forward in a holistic and integrative way by cultivating long-term systems thinking and situating human behaviors and practices within a local-global framework with social justice at its core. An ecofeminist sustainability pedagogy advocates empowered citizenship and inspires students to assume responsibility for their own choices, while fostering new approaches to culture change.

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