Thursday, 20 November 2014

Overview of UK agroecology research (online)

UK Agroecology Research

This website comprises an overview of research on ecological agriculture in the UK. The information forms an overview of existing resources and ongoing research. The project was crowd funded. This review has revealed that while there is a vast volume of existing literature on the science and politics of making agriculture and forestry more sustainable, and considerable literature on organic systems, very little research has been undertaken on the environmental, social and economic benefits of diverse, labour intensive, smaller scale ecological farms. The site is split into sections to provide an easy to use information resource about agroecological research in the UK. You can find information about research institutions' projects and specialisms or search for specific research papers by topic. There's also a directory of UK research institutions who engage with agroecological issues. This site is composed of a network of live links, forming an interactive portal to information about agroecological research in the UK.

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