Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Defending Beef (book)

Defending Beef: The Case forSustainable Meat Production

The public has long been led to believe that livestock, especially cattle, erode soils, pollute air and water, damage riparian areas, and decimate wildlife populations. But Defending Beef argues that cattle are not inherently bad for either the Earth or our own health. In fact, properly managed livestock play an essential role in maintaining grassland ecosystems by functioning as surrogates for herds of wild ruminants. Dispersed, grass-fed, small-scale farms should become the basis for American food production, replacing the factory farms that harm animals and the environment. The author—a longtime vegetarian—goes on to dispel popular myths about how eating beef is bad for our bodies. Grounded in empirical scientific data and with living examples from around the world, Defending Beef builds a comprehensive argument that cattle can help to build carbon-sequestering soils, enhance biodiversity, help prevent desertification, and provide invaluable nutrition.

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