Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Connecting cities and oceans (book)

Blue Urbanism

Blue Urbanism
The consequences of our emotional disconnect from oceans have been severe: the marine ecosystems that make up 70% of our planet are imperiled as never before. Restoring the integrity of the oceans will require unprecedented effort, but Blue Urbanism highlights the promise of urban areas around the world that have begun to prioritize marine health, such as efforts to discover  the amazing marine biodiversity near cities, new prototypes of wind- and solar-powered shipping vessels, urban aquaponics systems and buildings and parks that connect with the ocean visually and structurally. This book offers an impassioned argument for the need to harness the political, economic, and emotional power of our growing cities to benefit the ocean, offering a comprehensive look at the challenges and great potential for urban areas to integrate ocean health into their policy and planning goals.

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