Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Environmental State of England's Uplands (on-line)

Natural England Produces Scientific Reviews of the Upland Environment 

Natural England has recently produced previews of a series of scientific reviews looking at the state of the environment in English upland areas. The six reports are:
NEER001 preview  - Natural England Evidence Reviews: guidance on the development process and methods
NEER002 preview - The impacts of tracks on the integrity and hydrological function of blanket peat
NEER003 preview - Restoration of degraded blanket bog
NEER004 preview - The effects of managed burning on upland peatland biodiversity, carbon and water
NEER005 preview - Upland Hay Meadows: What management regimes maintain the diversity of meadow flora and populations of breeding birds?
NEER006 preview - Impact of moorland grazing and stocking rates

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